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About CEHA

CEHA (Canadian Elite Hockey Academy) was founded by Marc Garthe in 2014.
Head coach Marc Garthe, has developed a very unique,highly effective
skill, development program, specializing in stickhandling.
CEHA’s extra ordinary program incorporates philosophies from all over the world including many concepts and drills,
that are unique to CEHA, Having been invented and refined by Marc Garthe and his staff.
More about Marc Garthe...

is the head coach of a highly qualified cast of mostly Canadian born coaches, including the likes of the very experienced Doug Kacharvich,
who has coached in NCAA hockey, the DEL, Swedish Elite league as well as many other  top leagues and various  clubs.
He also has a wealth of experience working at various hockey schools since the 1970’s as well.
Dave Rich, Brad Burym, Cory Holden, Peter Westerkamp, Roy McCrae
and Chad Kambeitz are a few of the other ex-professional Canadian born players
on CEHA’s impressive coaching staff.
Goalie coaches are also present at every camp.

CEHA camps are usually between 1-5 days, and run mostly in Braunlage or Bad Sachsa
Niedersachsen, Germany. Both towns are in the beautiful Harz national park.
The camps are very intense skill development, usually consisting of 4 hours a day of ice, as well as off ice programs, including a top off ice stickhandling program.
 Equally important for us, is helping the kids develop a healthy, positive attitude, as well as learning the value of healthy nutrition.
We believe in helping the athletes to reach their full potential as athletes as well as people. Many of the values they learn from us will help them in the future, in everyday life.
Attributes such as positive thinking, healthy self-confidence, learning the value of hard work, discipline, respect, being humble, and teamwork,
are all very important values that we teach and stress.

CEHA has grown to unofficially the largest hockey school in Germany.
CEHA has regular customers from all over the world.
Many of the CEHA players are now among the best in their respective countries in their age category.
The all-star teams, comprised only of CEHA trained players, are highly entertaining, high skilled teams,
that now compete successfully with the best in the world in their age groups.
We invite you to learn hockey the CEHA way, and let us bring your child to the next level.

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